The Sanctuary
Te Araroa Trail Bounce Boxes Village Map

Nytol Online

If you have a Bounce Box (parcel) to collect $20.00

Then you are entitled to:

  • FREE tent site
  • FREE unlimited hot water (for laundry & dishes etc)
  • FREE internet (very slow)
  • FREE 240v (for charging devices)
  • FREE clothesline
  • FREE kitchen (rudimentary)

And other facilities ( open to all ) being:

  • hot showers $2.00 coin/6 min.
  • washing machine (free powder) $4.00/ small load
  • dryer $2.00 coin
  • gas hobs $2.00 coin
  • boiling water $2.00 coin
  • toilet (alternative public toilets 150m) $1.00 coin


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